Occult Delight

by mode moderne



released January 20, 2014



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mode moderne Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Strangle the Shadows
behold the child un-named
who knows no shame
and sees the world through open eyes
let's hope he turns inside
and strangles the shadows in his mind

no god up in the sky
and no devil beneath the sea
can force you into things

each child must live and die
and suffer beneath his own heavy skies

and they call that love

o paradise, around which corner lies?
and in whose book?
and through whose eyes?
we must turn inside
and strangle the shadows in our minds
Track Name: She, Untamed
to cherish the night and abandon the day
to act so cute in a stupid way
to speak a single word will only lessen the mood
the pleasure is great when the passion is crude

coursing through her veins
un-willed and un-tamed
pretty face and a bitter tongue
lives will halt when she’s having fun

to commit a crime to fulfill a need
objects in motion tend to gather speed
to pick at an itch, to inflict a wound
her passion is so crude
Track Name: Baby Bunny
baby bunny you know that it's true
I can't help you and nobody else will
baby bunny you know that it's true
I can't help you if
you cannot help yourself

I have a few faces that pant and gasp inside
the still frames of my mind
all vacant and agape

her neck
her arms
her legs

all laid out before me
oh my god she's lovely

I am one in a million
she was three foot seven
I wouldn't have it any other way